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Salmon Arm Relies On A&C Custom Millwork and Windows For Quality Custom Millwork Services

Home renovations

Are you looking for professional custom millwork in Salmon Arm and the surrounding area? The experts at A&C Custom Millwork and Windows work to ensure you're getting premium custom millwork for your home or business.

Our custom millwork isn't just aesthetically pleasing. Tests have proven that a renovated workplace that increases organization can help increase employee productivity throughout the day. Commercial millwork can create custom cabinets specially fitted to your Salmon Arm properties.

The same is true for your home. Home renovations are meant to improve both the look and the functionality of your home. By investing in professional custom millwork, you know you're getting the best pieces for you and your family.

Our experts help you design everything from a new window to moulding to replacement doors. All our designs take into account local Salmon Arm and national building codes as well as fire safety features. This means things like custom windows come with removable screens.

To get started on your Salmon Arm renovation project, call the custom millwork experts at A&C Custom Millwork and Windows at 403-860-3278 to set up an appointment.

Salmon Arm Moulding for Your Home

Decorative renovation options are a great way to update your home without breaking the bank. Plastic, wood, and even metal can be used to create moulding for your home.

Moulding can be used as a decorative addition to your home, but it can also help to hide gaps where the wall meets the floor and ceiling. The moulding you choose can help to protect the wall's surfaces and interiors.

The most popular types of moulding are crown moulding and baseboards. Both these options can be both decorative and functional. Crown moulding tends to be more decorative because it wraps around the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling of your home.

Baseboards are usually plainer because they tend to be hidden behind furniture. However, both can be important to invest in if there are gaps between your walls and the floors or ceiling in your home.

To set up an appointment with the custom millwork experts of Salmon Arm, call A&C Custom Millwork and Windows today.

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