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Finest Custom Millwork Specialists Serving Sicamous, BC


Are you looking for professional custom millwork in Sicamous for your residential or commercial properties? The custom millwork experts at A&C Custom Millwork and Windows offer services throughout the area to ensure you're getting the best renovation options for your properties.

Custom millwork is perfect for your home or business in Sicamous. Our experts keep up-to-date on building codes and fire safety codes to ensure everything we help build is up to code. Our experts work with you to ensure you're getting the designs you need.

Our custom millwork is fit to the exact measurements of your home or business. Part of our process is ensuring that we have accurate measurements and materials that fit your expectations. We triple check to ensure our measurements are accurate before we start building so you know you're getting the perfect options for your properties in Sicamous.

Whether you're looking for home renovations or custom windows, mouldings, or replacement doors, we can help. Updating your home shouldn't be a difficult process.

To ensure you're getting the best commercial and residential custom millwork with the Sicamous experts, call A&C Custom Millwork and Windows at 403-860-3278.

Sicamous Moulding

Moulding is a great way to update your home or business. There are thousands of moulding options to choose from. However, some moulding options are firmly functional. One of the best moulding options to help protect your Sicamous properties is a chair rail.

Chair rails are practical for your home or office. The moulding is applied from the floor to ⅓ of the way up the wall. This moulding protects plaster walls from damages that come when a chair impacts the area. By investing in a chair rail in your buildings, you can save money in the long run by helping to avoid damages.

In most buildings, property owners decide to pair a chair rail with wainscoting. Wainscoting is a wooden panel that wraps horizontally around a room to add more depth. Together, these moulding options give a unified, professional look to your properties.

If you're curious about what a chair rail can do for your home or business in Sicamous, call A&C Custom Millwork and Windows today to speak to our custom millwork experts.

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